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Kids need yoga too! At Yoga Oasis, children are encouraged to explore and discover the mind and body in a fun-filled way. Kids gain wonderful benefit while learning to engage their body, mind & spirit in a peaceful, non competitive, non judging environment.

At Yoga Oasis, Kids Yoga is a fun, creative approach to yoga that can be very helpful for children whose bodies are still developing. The use of ancient yoga postures, which includes animated poses and basic stretching exercises. These have been known to promote strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self-control.

Kids will improve concentration and focus, stimulate their imagination and help to release energy in a fun, safe environment. Using interactive games and animated postures, kids learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy through playing yoga at Yoga Oasis.

The Yoga Oasis kids yoga program helps to promote inner-strength, confidence and self-esteem. Granting them a feeling of well-being and respect for others. Most importantly, love for one’s self, their body and mind.

Kids YogaRama! is a 45 minute class designed to teach children the basics of Yoga in a fun and interesting way. In addition the great health benefits, children also learn discipline and concentration in a playful manner. This is especially helpful for children with attention challenges. Yoga gives them a chance to express themselves and learn through movement. It is amazing how much children love doing Yoga!

The class is intended for children ages 5-12.

Call to reserve a space because this class fills up quickly!

The cost is:

$10 per session paid in advance.
If you bring 2 kids its $100, Three for $125 ask about group pricing
Drop in rate is $15 per class

Kids Yoga Parties also Available.
1 Hour group class of 10-20 Children. $150-200 per class.