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Next Yoga Training coming up at Yoga Oasis –
Flex schedule- Make your own schedule and learn as you go!

Currently we have a Monday program running.
We meet for workshops Mondays 12:30-2:30pm
Next Mondays ONLY program begins January 29th

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Maui Yoga Lifestyle retreat August 1, 2018

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Are you ready for a life changing career move? Are you looking to deepen your practice and learn about yoga beyond the mat?

Are you already a teacher, a yoga studio owner and want to take your teaching to another level? Do you want to be the BEST yoga teacher you can be? Our training program focuses on living a life of inspiration through  Motivational & Spiritual speaking. This can help students Direct their energies to allow the student to effortlessly understand these Ancient  Austere Yogic Teachings.James-assisting-Kristen-1-234x300

Our teaching style is influenced by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Joel Olsteen, among
many others. (Of course, along with direct training from our yoga teachers, Bikram, Rajashree, Emmy, Baron Baptiste, Sri Pattabhi Jois, Yogi Bhajan, Swami Ramdev and Sri Dharma Mittra.) Our classes and our teacher training is infused with the teachings of The Power of Now, The Power Of Intention & the special skills we all learned from the movie, The Secret. This is beyond a teacher training, this is a life changing experience!



The FLEXIBLE Program is this

200 hour program is
40 classes
10 workshops
10 observations/assists
10 karma hours
10 hours in your field of interest
The remaining hours is homework, and meditation hours.
You can do this all day Monday-
Class options are 7, 930am & 4, 6 & 8pm
Required Monday’s is 12-2pm
You can choose when to fit your classes in in your time
You have 90 days to complete the program.

Rates are :
$50 application fee
$500 registration fee
$1000 for 100 hours
total $1550
$2000 for the 200 hour program
Total $2550
$3000 for the 300 hour program
total $3550

You can choose 100 hours, 200, 300 or 500
Depending on what you are looking for.
Want to know more?
Call me 516-658-1543 between 12-3pm weekdays

Yoga Oasis’ Hot Yoga Teacher Training has been approved by Yoga Alliance for the 200 & 500 Hour Certification. You will become a nationally accredited Registered Yoga Teacher when you complete our Hot Yoga training & job placement is available. Yoga Oasis’ teacher trainings have been training students to be great, confident teachers since 2003. Many of our graduates have opened their own successful Hot Yoga schools. Some of these schools include, Laughing Buddha Yoga, Living Yoga, Embrace Yoga, Sayville Hot Yoga, Hot Yoga Paradise, YogaFlex, and many other amazing teachers who teach all over Long Island & Queens. The proof is in the practice. We invite you to join us on this journey. Our trainings help you to find your voice, to overcome fears and to be a powerful Yogi.

We are a Yoga Alliance approved school & Training center.
Through our program, you can become Nationally Certified through Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance® is the national education and support organization for Yoga in the United States. We work in the public interest to ensure that there is a thorough understanding of the benefits of Yoga, that the teachers of Yoga value its history and traditions and that the public can be confident of the quality and consistency of instruction.

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