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It is becoming more and more commonly known that yoga is good for your health.
With the added benfits of the aerobic & cardiovascular affects of Hot Yoga, and you have a weight loss phenomenon that has been quickly becoming widespread all over the world.

Since 2002 at Yoga Oasis Woodbury, we have seen some real miracles. We have assisted many students find what they need to help them reach their weight goals.

Believe it or not, some of our students have even reported losing 75, 85 & even 100 pounds with our hot yoga program! We have one student who has lost 135 pounds with us over the course of 1 year, and has kept it off with his newly found hot yoga lifestyle.

Through the practice of hot yoga, the cardiovascular system is challenged in a great new way.
Just being in a room heated over 100 degrees, the body tries very hard to maintain itself. This is called

Thermoregulation is the ability of an organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries, even when the surrounding temperature is very different. This process is one aspect of homeostasis, which is a dynamic state of stability between an animal’s internal environment and its external environment. If the body is unable to maintain a normal temperature and it increases significantly above normal, a condition known as hyperthermia occurs. The opposite condition, when body temperature decreases below normal levels, is known as hypothermia.

This means when the body is externally heated, like in our hot yoga room, the body is forced to find ways to cool itself down, raising the heart rate and sweating to cool down. This allows you to get a cardiovascular workout just standing still. Then in the class we do specific postures that help to further raise the heart rate, and then the body burns more calories. Some students wearing heart rate monitors have reported their heart rate raising up as much it does in their spinning classes, which can lead to burning 700-1000 calories in one hour. Hot yoga is a lot more fun then running of spinning, and it is a great way to get in shape when you are very overweight and running is not an option. Also, hot yoga can be nourishing to the body, healthy to the joints, and a very safe way to get a workout no matter what your fitness level is, or lack there of. I have had students over 300 pounds take my hot yoga classes and they have lost over 100 pounds, and kept it off.

What other workout can help people who are overweight? Nothing is as easy on the bodies structural system, the knees and the back of over weight people like Hot Yoga.

Yoga has been assisting people to meet their fitness goals, to feel great, and to gain more self confidence for thousands of years. Join us sometime soon to see and to experience the health benefits of how a yoga program can work for you.