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Yoga Oasis offers private one on one classes, as well as semi private, group sessions and corporate yoga classes.
Private classes are great to learn the postures specifically for your body, and allow the teacher the proper space to adjust you and give you feedback on your progress. Some of our instructors know yoga assisted stretching and can stretch you out in a Thai Yoga style.


Booking these classes is easy and we have a flexible schedule for booking. Check our reservations page and schedule your appointment.

We have a special back room for privates & semi privates up to four people.
Our pricing depends on what teacher and what time you choose to book.

One private class $100
Private 5 class pack $450
Private 10 class pack $900

Semi privates knock down $25 off each person. For example, two in a private is $150 total cost, or $75 each person.

Corporate classes & group events such as Yoga parties vary in price from $200-500 per session.

Our teachers can come to you, and teach an entire class in chairs (called chair yoga) which really can help office workers,

as it gives them valuable stretches that they can do every day.

We can provide yoga mats for everyone.