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New to Yoga?

Want to make a change but don’t know where to start?
We are here to help. From wanting to get fit, to needing to lose weight, to detoxify things like medications & chemo, to loosing that inflammation that leads to arthritis pain & suffering, Hot Yoga has helped millions of people. It can help you, too. You need to take the first step. We can assist you with the rest.

Since 2002, Yoga Oasis, Woodbury has opened its doors and have created an environment to facilitate healing on all levels. Body, Mind & Spirit.

As a teacher training school, all of the teachers at Yoga Oasis have endured 200, 500 and over 1000 hours of training in the ancient and philosophy of Yoga. They are well skilled in teaching students of all levels. If you are new to yoga, are working through injuries and have concerns about your capability, feel free to build a relationship with your yoga teacher. Beginners, intermediate as well as advanced practitioners of yoga all can find the class or the teacher that suits their personal needs.

Yoga Oasis offers special beginner rates-
$30 for an unlimited week of yoga classes
All of our classes are for all levels. Our staff is trained to teach all levels in the same class together.
If you are unsure where to begin, all of the 8pm classes are smaller classes & are shorter classes, which can be perfect for beginners.

Yoga Oasis is happy to provide the environment for the new student to yoga.

Happy female friends exercising and having fun in a gym class

No Ego, Only Fun to be had for all.

Yoga is an incredible practice of connection through your mind, your body, and the deepest spaces of your self-awareness and intention. Yoga’s history is extensive. It dates way back several thousand years, yet today seems to be a necessary healing modality that has helped millions of people on this planet.

We understand that it takes incredible courage to come to a yoga studio and roll out that mat for the first, second, or third time to establish your own personal practice. To be honest, it still takes many of us courage years later. Yoga has the great benefit of opening your body and your mind. This may be experienced as a“pushing back” against your self-perceived limitations. The benefits of the physical practices are cumulative and once you begin to feel yourself becoming stronger, or longer, or taking up more space in your entire life, you may find yourself craving the moments of rolling out that yoga mat.

Begin with us here, in these walls, with our yoga family. Engage a supportive environment of strength and grace, laughter, and abundant courage. We believe in creating community, harmony & peace on earth.

Class Etiquette, 101:

1. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes (15-20 for your first class) early to have enough time to store your personal items, find a place, roll out your mat and gather any needed props. If you ever DO arrive late, please sit and wait for the opening, centering of class to be completed before you walk across the room or make any noise rolling out your supplies.

2. Introduce yourself to the instructor and feel free to discuss any injuries or concerns you may have. They are there to help assist you along your yoga journey.

3. When the group centering begins, close your eyes and allow yourself to settle. The call of “om” shared in many yoga classes is a vibrational toning and mirror to the radiance of the universal hum. If you would rather pass on sharing, then just sit quietly & feel it resonate through all your cells. The sound OM is beyond words. It is a great way we all connect and center in the class.

4. During class, listen to the cues the teacher is sharing and you’re your movements and personal adjustments with kindness and attention. Any confusion you may experience of right and left is great! This is your brain recalibrating your self and body awareness. Be patient. A lot is happening! If you feel tired or light headed, rest. Your instructor will give you the invitation to a great pose “Child’s Pose” or “Savasana” and it will ease you back into finding your breath or cooling your jets.

5. It is not appropriate to talk or walk around during class. Yoga is a place where we learn to go within and practice how to quiet our mind.

6. During the class, it is suggested that you stay on your yoga mat. Learn to stay with the feelings and strive to honor the group energy.

7. Wipe up your sweat, neatly put away all props at then end of class. We also suggest that you introduce yourself to at least one person in class, it will help you feel more connected the next time you come.

What you will need to bring to class-
1. A large beach towel (we have towels for rent)
2. A large bottle or water (we sell water)
3. A yoga mat (we have mats for rent)
4. An open heart & mind (inquire within)

Our beginning yoga program is designed to take your from the roots of your practice to the rising of your confidence on and off the mat. We will work through the major families of asana (postures) to introduce and educate you into new words and movement patters. We honor that the most intimidating aspects of yoga are the 100’s of unknowns that others seem to know and seem foreign and new to the beginner. Our program, taught by leading instructors, is designed to break down the unknowns and build confidence and connection. Yoga can be empowering on many levels physically and intellectually. Try yoga-It is your most natural state!