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OPEN SINCE 2002, Yoga Oasis has trained thousands of students and has
certified hundreds of teachers in Hot Yoga.
With over 16 Successful Hot Yoga studios worldwide from our trainings

Our Staff is highly trained in not only the practice of yoga, but also in how to conduct a very safe class with care for students with special needs. We have trained in emergency safety techniques and know how to assist students who are new to not only yoga, but who are new to any exercise system.
We are confident that we uphold the utmost concerns about safety and the well being of the entire class.

Come see why we are the Best Hot Yoga Studio on Long Island
Yoga Oasis is a healing Oasis for all beings. We invite you to join us as we offer an environment to facilitate the purification of the body and mind to allow the Divine Spirit to flow freely through to inspire Divine Personal Empowerment.

Yoga Oasis strives to build a bridge between the heavens and the earth. Unifying Mind, Body & Spirit to facilitate perfect health. Yoga Oasis believes it is our God Given right to be healthy, and we are here to assist others along this journey towards wholeness.

Yoga Oasis is an affiliate school with the University of Health & Spiritual Sciences. www.uhss.org

Yoga Oasis & Maui Hot Yoga are both Nationally approved & Registered Yoga Alliance schools with certified & registered yoga teachers with at least 200 hours of standardized yoga training from various yoga schools all over the world.

Our mission is the creation of a spiritually-based global educational community focused on wellness and wholeness guided by faith, reason and conscience. We aspire to share the wisdom of yoga from the yogi’s of the past and from the present. We believe that the teachings of yoga are spiritually based and this is the spirit of life and love that shines from the Divine. We believe, in the spirit of yoga, that we are all one consciousness, and we are all connected in this state of God Mind.

We are here to share the wisdom of Divine Love and allow our space to create this sacredness for health and healing.

Our mission acknowledges and incorporates the worth and dignity of every person living on our planet – from the poorest to the most affluent – and validates the responsibility we have to honor and respect the rights, welfare and choices of others.

We embrace the celebration of the diversity of the human spirit and thus promote, through the spiritual guidance of our teacher guides and masters, research and validation of the experience which has been, and continues to be made, available to us through sacred texts, scriptures, science, music, arts, and words of spiritual sages who have brought the wisdom to humanity. This is our mutual journey.

Our path to enlightenment, Yoga Oasis is here to allow all beings to become enlightened in this lifetime. May we all become Jiva Mutkas and help to heal this great planet we live on.

Yoga Oasis was founded in 2002 by Reverend Mary Grace and her Mother Marge Smith.
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